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dec 1

special notice regarding the covid-19 pandemic

roaring return

for important updates on lindenwood university campus safety precautions and associated information from public health officials, please visit our roaring return page and the cdc's covid-19 site. complete the initial assessment survey to report symptoms, exposure, or positive test results of covid-19.

freshman housing (the pride)

"The Pride" - Freshman Housingall first time freshmen at lindenwood university are housed in our designated freshman residence halls. these halls are flowers, mathews, pfremmer, and reynolds, and they are collectively known as “the pride”. pfremmer hall and reynolds hall are our female halls, and flowers hall and mathews hall house our male freshmen. these residence halls offer two person rooms with a “jack and jill” style bathroom that connects to another two person room. there are also a handful of triple rooms with private bathrooms, as well as handicap accessible rooms available.

each student is provided with a dresser, desk, chair, closet or wardrobe, and a twin xl bed. our residence halls are complete with air conditioning, cable television, laundry facilities, and wi-fi. the main floor of each residence hall has a fully furnished lounge complete with a television and a microwave. microwaves are not permitted in individual rooms.

the pride is conveniently located near lou brock sports complex, evans commons, the field house, harlen c. hunter stadium, j. scheidegger center for the arts, and the hyland arena / training room.

housing applications for incoming freshman for fall 2020 are now available. access the starrez portal. 

freshman residency policy and faqs

freshman residency policy

research has shown that freshmen who reside on campus in residence halls are more successful in their collegiate experience than students who commute to campus.  for this reason, lindenwood university requires all incoming first-time full time freshmen to reside in a designated freshmen resident hall. students who transfer with less than 24 credit hours earned will also be subject to the freshman residency policy. at the end of each academic year, students residing in designated freshmen halls will be ineligible to renew their housing assignment for the following fall term. choice of housing is competitive and assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.

first time freshman students may be eligible to move to an upperclassmen hall if they have earned more than 24 credit hours. credit hours that were earned during high school (ap credits, clep, dual-enrollment) do not count toward this 24 credit minimum.

new freshmen students may apply for an exemption to the freshman residency policy based on inclusion in one or more of the categories below:

  • married
  • single parent
  • active duty military
  • 21 years old or older

students who do not wish to live on campus and who fall into one of the categories mentioned above should complete and submit the exemption form, which can be found on the residential life homepage. exemption appeals must be received in the office of admissions by july 1st for the fall semester and december 1st for the spring semester.

prospective students who do not qualify for an exemption as a member of one of the categories above may submit a written appeal to the director of admissions. second semester freshmen can appeal the director of residential life.

how do i access starrez?

starrez is an industry-leading and comprehensive student housing solution that includes: online housing applications, online roommate and room self-selection, roommate matching, social media outlets, and much more.

to log onto starrez you will use your same logon information used to access your student email. this information will be given to you via email once you have been accepted to lindenwood university.

here are some helpful how to guides as you fill out your application:

how to fill out your profile

how to request a roommate

how to select a room

when is my housing deposit due?

the housing deposit is due at the time of submitting the student's housing application. the $200.00 fee must be paid to ensure the students assignment. this payment is made through starrez.

what are the dimensions of the room?

the standard room in the freshman quad is a jack and jill, suite style room. dimensions are approximately 12 square feet by 17 square feet.

windows in the freshman quad are 4'6" w x 5' h. from the top of the window to the floor is approximately 7'6".

what is provided in the room/residence hall?

  • free laundry (located in all residential halls, evans commons)
  • free wifi and cable along with internet router and cable hookup
  • xl twin bed and mattress
  • desk and chair
  • dresser

what is the size of the furniture provided in the room?

  • desk: 42” long by 24” wide by 30” tall
  • bed, extra long twin: 85” long by 36” wide by 36” tall
  • dresser: 31” long by 24” wide by 30” tall
  • chair is also included in the room

who are my suitemates?

to keep our students safe, employees of lindenwood university are unable to release information regarding any student to anyone beyond that student and parents or legal guardians on the student's ferpa. this being said, students will be unable to access information regarding suitemates.

once you have selected a room and have a roommate, you as a student will have access to your new roommate's email and will be able to correspond as you wish.

tip: buy your bathroom supplies upon arrival on campus. this way you and your suitemates can shop together!

am i allowed to have visitors in my room?

visitation within university residences must be managed with concern for personal safety, security, and consideration for the well-being of all students. visitation is a privilege that is granted by the university. however, the privilege requires certain understandings, restrictions, and responsibilities. violations of the regulations may result in immediate eviction and/or dismissal from the university and/or university housing. for the purposes of this policy, a visitor is defined as any person who does not reside in a particular residence and is 18 years of age or older.

students will have the opportunity to discuss visitation preferences with their roommate while filling out their roommate agreement.

are pets allowed?

pets are not permitted in any campus residence with the exception of fish, with a tank no larger than ten gallons. pets such as snakes, toads, turtles, alligators, hamsters, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, mice, rats, and other exotic animals are prohibited. students with unauthorized pets will be required to remove the pet immediately from campus. failure to do so will result in disciplinary financial action.

can i loft my bed?

it is lindenwood’s policy that students are not allowed to loft their beds. lofting beds requires the university to provide extra bed post and support beams which the university is not equipped with. although we do not allow lofting students do have the option to bunk their beds.

another option to increase space in the room is to purchase a set of bed risers. if the bed is raised the dresser will fit perfectly under the bed along with other personal belongings.

who do i go to when i have an issue with my room/ roommate?

community advisors reside on each floor of the residence halls in order to assist students.

in each residence hall there resides an assistant area coordinator or an area coordinator. area coordinators are full time employees of lindenwood university and live in the residential halls for the safety and security of our students. if there is an issue that the community advisor is unable to resolve they will then seek out help from the assistant area coordinator or the area coordinator.

if the issue is still present then the area coordinator will seek out help from the director of residential life. we are here to help and make our students as happy and comfortable as possible.

what do i need to bring with me? (suggested, not required)

  • refrigerator 33 inches tall and under
  • keurig or other small coffee maker
  • hangers
  • twin xl bedding (comforter, sheets and mattress cover)
  • twin xl mattress padding foam/egg crate foam
  • surge protector multi plug cord
  • television (cable cord needed)
  • laptop
  • 3m command strips/hooks for any wall decoration
  • personal decorations/items
  • bed risers
  • over closet shoe organizer
  • shower curtain
  • bath mat
  • toiletries (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste)
  • bathroom towels (bath, washcloths and hand towels)
  • bathroom cleaning supplies
  • additional lamps/lighting
  • room rug
  • laundry basket and supplies (detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets)
  • trash can
  • a personal thermometer

what am i not allowed to bring with me?

  • microwave
  • any item with a hot plate (individual hot plate, electric kettle, etc.)
  • any item with heated coils (toaster, toaster oven, individual heater, etc.)
  • candles or any open flames
  • animals
  • a refrigerator taller than 33”
  • alcohol or drugs
  • nails, screws or any other mounting apparatus for the wall

as a freshman am i allowed to live off campus?

students who do not wish to live on campus and who fall into one of the categories mentioned below should complete and submit the exemption form. exemption appeals must be received in the admissions office by july 1st for the fall semester and december 1st for the spring semester. new freshmen students may apply for an exemption to the freshman residency policy based on inclusion in one or more of the categories below:

  • married
  • single parent
  • active duty military
  • 21 years old or older

students who do not qualify for an exemption as a member of one of the categories above may submit a written appeal to the office of admissions.

what if i can’t make check in time?

if a student is unable to make the proper check in times they will be required to go to the individual offices; starting at the business office (spellmann) → the office of financial aid (spellmann) → student id (larc) → residential life office (evans commons).

am i allowed to be exempt from the required meal plan?

all freshman students are required to have our traditional, 19 meal a week plan.

lindenwood understands that there are students who are unable to eat the food provided in the meal plan due to allergy or religion. if students need special accommodations, our chefs are happy to help! contact nancy tinker for more information at or (636) 949-4644

what if my room is too hot/cold?

discuss thermostat control with your suitemates, and check to see if they are covering any vents or leaving their windows open as this can cause temperature control issues for the whole suite.

if you are uncomfortable in your residence, seek help at the front desk of your residential hall. if you have an issue during hours in which there is not a community advisor at the front desk email your area coordinator.

students are not allowed at any time to cover the vents or fire alarms. this is a fire safety hazard and is prohibited for all residents. if there is an issue with the temperature of your room contact the community advisor on your floor.

how do i get a parking pass?

all vehicles driven to campus by any student, staff, or faculty member must be registered and have a current lindenwood university parking permit. this permit is to be displayed on the lower left hand corner of the back window. parking permits are valid from july 1 through june 30 of each year. 

Before picking up your parking permit, you must register your vehicle online using the following procedure: Log in to starrez using your lindenwood email address and password; Select "Register Vehicle" and complete the vehicle registration form; Bring a paper or electronic copy of the confirmation to the Public Safety & security Office (Spellmann Center, 4th Floor or Spellmann Center, 4th Floor). Parking permits are free.

how do i get mail?

where do i address a package if i want to send something to my son/ daughter?

parents, when sending your student mail you will address the package/ letter to the university's address. all mail is sent to the campus mailroom, not the individual residential halls. when your child has received a package they will be notified via student email and they will be able to pick it up during the mailroom operating hours. if receiving a letter they have access to their mailbox at all hours of the day.

when completing your housing application, select your preference for mailbox registration (fall only, fall and spring, or no mailbox at all). this information will be submitted to the mailroom and they will contact you with your mailbox information! find more information.

can i live by myself?

freshman are required to live in one of the four freshman halls:

  • pfremmer hall - women’s hall
  • reynolds hall - women’s hall
  • flowers hall - men’s hall
  • mathews hall - men’s hall

all of the halls mentioned above have the same set up. jack and jill suites, two residents to a room conjoined by a bathroom. there is also the option for three students to live in a room with a private bathroom. freshman are not given the option to room alone. we want our students to feel comfortable integrating into campus life.

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